Finally, a blog!

Written by Hasan Arous

Hello and welcome to my blog.

Over the past years I had a lot on my mind to say, be it a random thought, a piece of information to share, you name it… most of them are gone now, some of them made it to my Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Old Blogs

Before that, I had few blogs here and there, my was lost because of Microsoft deciding not to keep backups for those like me, who only knew about the live spaces to Wordpress migration after about a year or two. My went down because the database (hosted on dreamhost at that time) went corrupt, like many people nowadays. and I can’t remember about others.

From the Ashes, rises few web pages, blog we call it…

So after a long time, I finally collected the puzzle pieces again, and will start telling here about random stuff, starting with updates on the web projects I am working on.

If you have anything to tell me, you can find me on Twitter, Google Plus, or Facebook.