Autumn Poem

Written by Hasan Arous

Interwining Seas

Love is nothing
for it shouldn’t be shaped into something
Love is everything
for it can be anything

~ ~ ~

Love takes two and gives one…

Once, they were in love
and twice
and more than a thousand times

~ ~ ~

Friendship is a confiding hand
in a moonless night
it reaches

Lust is the hands of two
dancing playfully
casting warm shadows
on a cold wall

One hand extends,
the other holds
both interwine,
as time unfolds

~ ~ ~

A lover never forgets
who’s reached in the dead of night
even in the presence of a full moon
even in the centre of the sun

~ ~ ~

Time devours one, and spits two…

To fall in love may be predestined
but to stay in love is a choice
and to fall out of love is the lack of it

..And together, they were in love once
and twice
and more than a thousand times

She’s out of love with him
He is in love without her

— Time

Love is an ephemeral flower
yet it outlives all
each and every time
one way, and the other

Only when they will, together
if ever.